Sunday, March 22, 2009

i don't know much but i know i love you.. and that maybe all i need to know

Today (22nd March) was the most weird and havoc day i have ever had. I think i had the best sleep ever since i came to Curtin. Yesterday was very very tiring. I woke up at 6 to send Van to i-Systems for her English exam and then went over to KRP (Kelab Rekreasi Petroliam) to watch and take pictures of the boys playing touch rugby. It was so hot and i am under the sun most of the time. I had sun rashes for a while yesterday. I was surprised i'm not sick today. The weather change yesterday was CRAZY. It was boiling for a while and then sudden pour of rain and changed back to the hot sunny day! WTH!!! And then after Baby Love had a football match where they tapau the team 12-0. Cool no? hehehehehe...

Oh and today. i woke up early and had like 90% level of energy! Then after eating breakfast (maggi asam laksa) my door slammed cuz the window was opened. I tried to open it but it was locked from inside. And the security came, they were unable to unlock it. So this is when..

Uncle Julaihi went out Abby's window and climbed into mine. Sweet Spiderman Stunt!!! Hahahahaha.. And the rest of the day i was high on techno music. Zhangar and those dancey RnB music. Made me miss Danny and Azfar. Well, practically the old house! So yea..

But then today (24th March) i woke up on the wrong side of the bed and got very grumpy and angsty. It's just wrong. I broke a soy sauce bottle. wtf? Well yea, i'm just not in a mood today.

Cherrio, XOXO

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh i never meant to brag, but I GOT HIM where i want him now... Harry Winston my love

Honestly what was she thinking about the whole situation and incident?

Don't you have a brain of your own to think about it?

These are the questions i've been thinking about for the past few days. I know i might be overreacting or something for it was not i whom is involved, but in a way i am too. Honestly, how shallow can you be? The same mistake twice? I mean, COME ON! Learn from it. I am not addressing this to anyone, but i'm just releasing what i feel and what i felt. I seriously do not have time for drama and i don't want to be caught up in one, but i always tend to be in the big picture. All i want now is that things to be like normal and PLEASE stop this drama. I know people are trying to be nice and i really want to help, but if you're not helping yourself, then who will? TRUE? Having been through this situation makes me feel obligated to ensure others wouldn't do the same thing.

It's like being in a jewelery shop where you found the perfect Harry Winston.

You don't just buy it straight without asking about the details, "how much it is?", "will it fit your finger?"... And if the ring was already on hold buy other customer, you don't just simply buy it from the shop, unlikely that they will allow you to do that. Plus you don't just buy everything you like, you will need to choose one item that stands out from the rest and fits you best. If you go on buying it straight without any judgment, you won't have enough fund to fulfill your wants.

I know it sounds ridiculous that i'm explaining all this without a motive, but still, whoever that matters, would understand perfectly. For anyone who doesn't, don't even waste your time trying to understand 'cause i can assure you that you'll be lost.

My dear sweetheart, trust me whatever that's yours can never be taken away by window shoppers even when they try it on, it will forever be yours. Here's a message for you, my darling.

And oh, Happy birthday Hillie darling. You know i love u always. And you don't have to tell me how much you do, for i know it's unmeasurable. Love love..

Cherrio, XOXO

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Voulez vous coucher avec moi? ce soir?

I had a good night sleep and finally enough for a fresh start for the day. But then again, when i woke up i heard Van's speaker on so i turned on mine as well. And the first song to be played was?

Better in Time - Leona Lewis

What the hell!!! Not a good way to start a day. The song reminds me of Hoe so the very the much! Hehehehe.. Before, i don't know how girls can have a boyfriend and still be so close to another guy as well, now i do. I miss him terribly. I bet all three of us does, Abby, Van and I.

(Current song : All I Have To Give - BSB)

Hoe is like my buddy! He can be annoying to me at times , well when he wants to be, but he can be very caring at times to. He makes sure i don't eat anything i'm not suppose to. Cuz he said he'll be the one in trouble of having to drive me to the hospital. Hahahaha.. I still remember what he says. Lots of memories with Hoe even when i'm only close to him for a year. The part where i was suppose to her flowers for him to give to Abby, but when Abby called i said i was taking stuff from my cousin. When she found out, she was like "Cousin ha! Oh you're taking stuff from your cousin!"

(Current song : Circus - Britney)

My cousin went back to Kuching cuz she's transfered there this is the most lonely i've ever felt in 2 years. There's no Hoe and Azfar, no Daniel, no Ina, even Fidah left. Like WOW! It's like no one is here anymore! But it's ok. It got me close to Van and Abby, Dinesh and Danny, Sedut, Syabil and Jay, also Tompoq. So yea. I still have friends around me. Thank goodness for that. I even befriended Amanda and Lyanis. Nice? I know. We had Abby's birthday at Soho, the gang and i bought presents for her also.

(Current song : Hot N Cold - Katy Perry)

We had trouble with the new tenants and the mother is super annoying. Oh come on, when i first came to Curtin, i was 17 as well and my dad just left me like that. I didn't have my dad to do laundry for me or feed me around. For god sakes, We're in Uni already, act like a Uni student please? Gosh! How protective can mothers be? It's not that i'm saying they're not suppose to be like that, but limits man. Maybe cuz i don't have my mom to pamper me for the past 8 years of my life, i grew up to be who i am now. I love my dad more than words can say. He's my dad and my mom, he's my friend and my bank. Hehehe.. But yea, after my mom passed away, my dad had to resume all the duties as a father, a mother and the person in control of the house, which used to be my mom's department. About consuming fags, well, the more people tell me to stop, the more i'll have them. I don't know why. Why am i so stubborn? For goodness sake, I want to stop but yea.. It's my sweet escape.

(Current song : As Long As You Love Me - BSB)

SwinB's started class and i'm glad for Ola, she'll be busy and not think too much about the Duo's. She tends to over think stuff and sometimes it's not good for her. Whatever it is, i'll try to be there for her whenever she needs me. Cuz that's what friends do!

(Current song : How Did I Fall In Love With You - BSB)

The Sayang bought me a present that makes me happy all around the clock! A Sony Ericsson Limited Edition Phone, Z555i. I love it so damn much! I love him till death do us part. He's the best i can ever have. He's not the jealous type, which makes my life easier, and very very understanding. We've been together for 17 months! It's a record for the both of us. With him i wanna spend the rest of my life. (wow, emo much? so mushy2) But yea, I can never ask for a better guy than him! How did i fall in love with you?

(Current Song : With Me - Sum41)

My classes are doing good. I don't intend to skip or flunk any units this semester, hopefully i can get my grades up high! Good luck to me!!!

Until next time

Cherrio, XOXO