Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I want your love and all your lovers revenge!

I have much to update. A lot has been going on within these 2 weeks. Family matters, personal internal conflicts, everything. I've read all 3 editions of twilight saga e-book including the unpublished midnight sun,

Lets start off with family matters.

I've become closer with my cousins on my stepmom's side, like usual with the cousins on my late mom's side and drifted apart from my cousins on my dad's side. except for a few whom i treat like siblings. It's more comfortable being close with people who doesn't judge and accept you as you are, rather than people who tries so hard to change you. Note to daddy's family : I am what i am, if i am stupid in your eyes, then maybe i am not good enough for you. You think all of you are sooooooooooooo educated and religious, guess what, one of you cheated on your wife, and one of you dated ME when i was 15. Religious much? You think you're so superior? HAHA i'm laughing my ass off! Whatever man, one of you told your parents you dont go clubbing at all, guess what, i know you did. Be an angel in front of mummy, i don't give a damn. I'm just here to state that you no better than i am. I made mistakes yes, but you did more than i did. And you are judging me? Instead of befriending me and try to advice me, you became my enemy, WOW! ROFL! Whatever, thinking about this makes me angrier by the minute. My parents are back and our bond are getting better each day. I'm in better terms with my stepmum, I'm in excellent terms with my dad. So yea, Everything going on just okay.

Last week the Boyfriend was here with his family to meet mine. Everything went well and smooth. They came over to discuss our engagement. If all goes well, i might be the Boyfriend's fiancee in just a few months time. Wow, someone's fiancee, who knew this would come true. He's all i ever wanted, he's perfect. In every single way possible. He makes me laugh, makes me cry, he's the only person in the world who can make my heart beats faster and slower at the same time. He understands me beyond parallel universe. He's a very loving man, very careful, very kind and gentle, he's a man of every girl's dream. I can't think of anything negative of him. To sum it all up, he's HOT! Hehehehe.. I thank god for giving him to me. I'm sorry that i had to loose my friends to be with him, but guess what, those friends turn their backs on me, and he's still with me, so i think it is worth losing those friends to be with him. Not that i wanted it to be that way, sometimes i just wished that those people would just be happy for me and we can be friends again, i guess not.

As for personal internal conflict...

My new years resolution, I have a few in mind and i want it to be achievable. I might change myself a bit. Here and there. But i will still be me non the less. So yea, i think it's best for me to keep it to myself. =)

Love me or hate me,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hell hath no FURY like a woman scorned!!!

" Heaven has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turned,
- Willian Congreve 1697 "

And Honey,

High Heels can kill!

You know you love me,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When things go way down deep!

Hi. I've been off radar lately. Haven't been updating my blog like i would want to due to time constrain. I know it's hols, but i'm busy working. Yeap, you got that right. I'm working at SEDC for the time being. Until 26th February and on the 27th I'll fly to Miri straight. So, what's new? Nothing much. The 2 best friends celebrated my birthday with me. They bought me this awesome necklace with a "B" pendant with crown details on it. It's an insight joke for us, but yea, i still love it. It's like a lucky charm for me now. I have the awesomest friends in the world! Speaking of which, they went out behind my back just to get me the present. awwwwwwww.. You guys rock and i love you! My 2 favourite girls, Raula and Nadea. It hasn't been the best 2 weeks of my life. I'm so not use to not having my dad around.


So, referring to the title above (damn i sound so formal), I'm the type of person who would get all obsessed with something if i find it uberly interesting. But it's not everyday i feel that way. It so happens that my current obsession is.. (i know, i know, everyone will go, "hm.. isn't that a surprise") Twilight. I recently finished the whole Saga, including the unpublished Midnight Sun. I find it interesting and the movie is okay, not bad. Missing a few details here and there, plus changes made here n there, but still, it's a great movie non the less, although it would be perfectly awesome if it was played by the book!

I've been active on twitter lately. Been following E!online. And this morning, something pissed me off real bad! (No, not the Tiger Woods drama, i mean seriously, come on! Like, WHO CARES!) This article caught my attention! It was somehow making sense. If box office blockbusters don't make the cut on Golden Globe or the Oscars, then what's the whole point of breaking the record on highest earnings on the opening day for a movie? Seriously? Doesn't that count in determining the nominations? Well, at least a few other awards if the
best actor and best actress isn't in order for. But then again, come to think of it, it's not the movie of the century, it's just a phenomenon. Something that people went crackers for. Still, it didn't deserved to be criticized so bad. Tell me you went to watch it and not felt all loopy. Seriously? Somehow, somewhere there is a part that you like, a part you went bonkers about. True? And still people think it's not worth watching. Oh well, movies are subjective, it depends on people's interests.

And here i am in a dilemma. Should i or should i not? I don't know.

Love me or hate me,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keep the blessings to a maximum!

Everything has been good these days. Except the fact that a bad thing had to happen in order for the good things to happen, but yea. I'm so happy! =)

  • I had cheetos for breakfast.
  • Man United won, leading on the group followed by CSKA Moscow.
  • Liverpool dropped to the Europa League.
  • I finally got what i want now.
  • The boyfriend woke me up and made my day.
  • I came to work so damn early and not late anymore.
  • I'm online at work.
  • Papa's in a good mood and i'm missing him so bad.
  • I'm just so happy!
So yea.. everything happens for a reason, I just hope this is my right path. =)

Cherrio, xoxo