Friday, March 21, 2008


I finally decided to write my own blog, seeing how fun it was when abby started posting hers. and how Dog was always going crazy about her being in front of the laptop. If you were here to witness it all, then you know how crazy our life is. The words i hear everyday in this house are "ngee ngee read comic aa.. tiaw!", "Ma ji bai", "Khemmakkkk", "fuck-off" and lots more.

Within these few years, i've finally learn that friends will come and go. I mean they really do! SERIOUSLY! Gail told me that before when we were bumped out about Ali not being our close friend anymore after the fights and all, but i don't really mind anymore. That's just how life is. People just come and go like i said. After 3 sems in Curtin i've been close with a few and grew apart with a few. There are just some that are still really good friends with me.

Futsal tournament, which ended 2 days ago, i wasn't really expecting anything for my team, but yea, we lost once, drew once and won once. I'm really proud of myself and my team mates! They rock! I love them. and Dianne. She's my hommie. I love her. Fiddy's the best striker, so as Bel. Abby is everywhere when she's on the court. One minute she's on your right, the next she's on your left! Seriously, that girl is everywhere. Still, i love her and Van the man, she's the best defense, REALLY! Tessy and Anis, they really surprise me of how good they get. =) As for myself, thanks to my boyfriend and the manager, i did pretty well for a newbie. hehe.. =)

I love my life. =)