Monday, October 18, 2010

You know i'm one of a kind, there'll never be another me

Can't get me out of your mind?
You're lost in your own fantasy!
And when you look in my eyes
Is it hard for you to realize?
She'll never be me!

I've been off the grid lately. Hardly update my blog at all. I know i know I've been neglecting it like hell. Poor bloggy. It's okay love, i'll update you on a daily basis soon enough. Semester is almost over. This semester is not as good as before. I prefer last semester more.

It's the 3 years anniversary last September. It was awesome. Not magical but I'm not complaining. I miss Ezuan a lot nowadays. Kinda wish for him to be next to me 24/7, 365.

Speaking of which, Ezu told me about one of his friend, he dislikes her a lot and i wish so much to meet her so i can tell her off to her face. Mess with my fiancée, i'll hunt you down to the ground woman and i swear you'll wish you were never born.

Oh well, that's it for now i guess.

Baby baby baby ooo...