Friday, July 10, 2009

Every night in my dreams, i see you, i feel you

I've been missing you again. Yes you. My love, You're the strength that kept me going. You're the light in my dark and gloomy world. You can't imagine how much i am in love with you. I can't wait for the weekend when we'll be together again. I love that you love me for who i am. I love that you take very good care of me. I love that you call me names and it doesn't have to be the same everyday. I love how you call me sunshine. I love how you stroke my hair and smell it. I love how you choose outfits and stuff for me. I love everything about you! And for that i went over to see you!


I appreciate everything you've done for me and for that i want you to know i love you dearly, more than words can say and definitely unconditionally.


Cherrio, XOXO

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trip to Kota Kinabalu!

I had an awesome trip to KK! Like AWESOME! Really really AWESOME! It's been 2 weeks since i didn't meet the boyfriend, finally, made up all the days i've missed him! Hehehehe..

So, morning of day one, i woke up at 5.30am at first and went back to sleep. Finally woke up at 6.45am. Got ready for the day out and left the house at 8.30am. SO EXCITED! Then the boyfriend picked me up and we "kidnapped" Anisah (the Boyfriend's cousin). Turns out, she is memang my type of girl! Hehehehehe.. We had fun okay. Like real fun! We hang out at Starbucks before heading over to Jega's place to pick him up. And then we had breakfast at come exclusive food court. Even the toilet has a garden! Heh! Then we sent Jega at Wisma Merdeka. The Boyfriend, myself and Anisah went to Philipines market to do some shopping! Bought a few bracelets and THHHHHHEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN...
Off to meet the Mother-in-law-to-be! OMG! i can't tell you how much i was scared and nervous. I almost puked real bad! And then i finally get to meet her. We had lunch and ate Soto Daging. Been looking forward to eat Soto and Bakso. Ezuan's youngest brother is SOOOOOOOOO Cute!!! I feel like pinching his cheeks always. Go round again. And super fair. Hehehe.. After lunch we went to the Boyfriend's house and played piano, guitar heroes and nintendo Wii. So fun!!! That is when i got auditioned by Ezuan's Dad! He made me play the piano cuz he heard me playing before he came down to see me. Ezuan's got a really nice family. They're the family oriented type of people which is No.1 on my list as preference of "in-laws" and most of all "husband to be" and Ezuan is definitely like that.

Around 5pm we went to the airport to pick up Papa and Mummy and we went to Le Meridien where we stayed for 2 nights. The room was effing huge! And very very very comfortable. We went to Likas to see the sunset. Ate at Anjung Selera, and as usual, the Boyfriend finished the food! Hehehehehe.. Anisah was amazed of how much food was ordered and how few people were eating. She knows me better now, one step at a time. Hehehehe.. After that the Boyfriend, myself and Anisah went to Warisan Square where i bought a very nice dress. Tried Veda Blue ice cream and the chicken pie. Went to Pasar Malam to meet my mom and aunts. And after that i went back to the room.

Day one was awesome! I finally get to see Ezuan after 2 weeks being apart. This may sound cheeky and cheezy, but even after 2 years knowing each other, i still can't be apart from him more than a week. What more to say a month? I'd get crazy. Even last year's 3 months holiday, he'd come visit me every month. Once in Kuching and then once in Miri.

Day two he came around 9ish to see me. We had breakfast with my mom and aunts and then we head off to OneBorneo. We had the morning all to ourselves. Only then can he finally hug me and kiss me without worrying. He bought me slipper from Roxy, a bangle and bought me Pizza from Mario's. We went from top to bottom but not everywhere though. The Boyfriend finally got to try the boots he wanted so much! Hehehehe.. Adidas F50 Leo Messi edition. It was amazing that boots. After OneBorneo we went to pick up Dinesh and Anisah to meet up with Peechee and Chris at Little Italy. It was awesome, meeting up with the KK friends. Peechee was shocked to see me at first but he delt with it. Hehehehe.. Chris told me about his schedule as the driver of the family. Kesian!!!! Hehehehe.. I had Lagsana, and self made flavor pizza, and then bruchettas. Everyone was EFFING full! As usual, the Boyfriend had to finish the leftovers! Hehehehe.. Gave Peechee the drink i bought for him from Kuching. The drink it self is called Peachee! Hehehehe.. And then i learned something about KK guys, they are very very very aware of their surrounding. Hehehehe.. Ezuan, Jega, Chris and Peechee, they see girls pass by, start la they rate the girl.. from top to toe. Skali one of it they judge from afar. They say look so very hot. And then when she came closer and took off her glasses, Peechee said this "Dari jauh nampak macam 19 year old, dekat2 nampak macam mama 19 year old" Hahahahaha.. These boys are funny and i love them all! Thanks Peechee for the wonderful lunch!

After lunch we went over to Wisma Merdeka to just walk around and then to Centerpoint where i had my phone strap made and my necklace too. Thanks baby for the presents! I love you so much! Hehehehe.. I had Yoyo, which apparently is "the drink" to have when you're in KK. I had chocolate with chocolate pudding? Something like that. Hehehehe.. anyway, after yoyo we went to send Dinesh cuz he had to go back early to have dinner with his parents. We went to Pasar Malam again to meet up with my mom and the aunts after sending Dinesh. Baby Love bought me a new purse and i love it. I used it straight after he bought me. Hehehehe.. And i went back after the tiring day. Talked online with the Boyfriend again! I dont think i can ever have enough of him. I can't wait to marry him at this point. Hehehe..

And finally, day 3, the boyfriend came over at 8am to send me off. We went for breakfast and after that i packed a bit and Papa said to leave as soon as possible. I can't stand the sorrow in me to have to leave the Boyfriend again, i teared up in front of the hotel. But the Boyfriend said it's gonna be only for a few days and we'll see each other again in KL. And i'm counting on that. I left KK with tears in my eyes but i left my heart there, with him. I've been missing him again ever since. I'm glad that everything went well with the parents, on both sides. The Boyfriend and i have our promise rings already, all we are waiting for is to finish studies and then we can be together all the time. If everything goes well, i'll be Mrs Idzuan sooner than you think. *smiles*

Cherrio, XOXO

p/s : pictures have to wait until i get back to Kuching. I left the cable there! Heh...

Friday, July 3, 2009

A conversation between 2 sisters!

Aida : btw..gerek ktk study di KK?

Ameara : lain rasa bah
curtin miri also

Aida : aok.. nang lain rasa

Ameara : but diam KK
nervous kmk aie..
sunday tok jumpa parents nya!!!

Aida : org KK?

Ameara : kak eda, tips lok :P

Aida : LOL
boh nebes

Ameara : aok org KK

Aida : be yourself but kesantunan plu dijaga

Ameara : hehehehehehe

Aida : hehe ambik ati parents sidak

Ameara : okay!
gik gik?

Aida : I think u r good enuff to see them
confidence jak :)
memang nervous akan ada..
dun wori ur gerek ada di sia bah

Ameara : the parents dah di breif about my background
but still kmk takut la

Aida : lol takut ya kan hilang haha but ktk excited juak nak

I am very very excited! But at the same time, I'm scared! The sister and Ola told me the same thing : to just be myself. Hope everything works out. Fingers crossed!!!

Cherrio, XOXO

Thursday, July 2, 2009

my heart seems to skip another beat every time we speak, I can't believe I feel so weak

It's weird how 6 years of emotion got trapped in one side of my conscious for so long. I dont know either it was love or hatred or confusion or anything love related but somehow it was settled in my dreams. Funny don't you think?

To whomever it may concern,

What i had for you was the past. And i've never been so sure about it ever in my life. I don't know either this is just the crazy me talking but i somehow talked to you in my sleep. Although one thing is for sure, I don't ever wanna loose you again. I just want you in my life, doesn't mean you have to be the special someone, i just want you as a friend in my life. Someone i can talk to about anything. For the past 6 years, I've been missing you. Like how i miss Tompoq when he's not around. Like how i miss Sedut when he went missing. Like how i miss Andy when he went away for every 6 months. I will always care about you and you are important in my life. That's about it.

Yours Truly,