Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How beautiful it is, just to be like this...

Current song : I Wanna Be With You
(By Mandy Moore)

Oh baby i can't fight this feeling anymore.
It drives me crazy when i try to.
So call my name, take my hand.
Can you make my wish baby, your command.

I use to go crazy over this song and play it on repeat every night when i was 13. I have every song for every ex boyfriend by then and i remember perfectly who this song was for. The same person who makes me smile when i listen to Mad by Ne-yo (coincidence much that right after I Wanna Be With You, Mad played? Seriously?). I had issues with my feelings before but i am all good now. I finally sorted things out. Realized i can live without any guy in my life, i can live even without the Boyfriend. But i know one thing for sure, i won't survive if he's not around. He's like my life line (it's beginning to turn into an emo-post.. oh dear..).

I finally watched Glee. It's not about being in the loop like everyone else, but it's the matter of curiosity. I mean, come on, the show's won a few awards and it's barely finished 1 season. So this phenomenon should be like super Effing good right? So i went ahead and watched it. I laughed my ass off watching episode 4. No, seriously. I literally rolled on my bed laughing. It's got a nice story line, it's not really as spectacular tho. I'm not throwing myself into the fever, like i did gossip girl, but it makes me curious enough to keep on watching.

I watched the award shows on time but for me, the dresses this year is not really *kaboooom* you know. It's just an *eh... ok*. Kinda disappointed because most people watches award shows for the performance, the amazing unaffordable outfits and just to know who wins. I liked Fergie's dress for Oscars. I liked Lea Michele's dress for Grammy's. Looking forward for Academy Awards. *winks*

The Vampire Diaries is back on track. AWESOME~ Yea, i started watching it again, and downloading. My lappy's hard disk is like left with 2GB. No seriously! Sending my baby for maintenance and also updates. Kinda sad to be away from my MacBook. But it's okay. After 2 weeks, it's gonna be updated to Snow Leopard! Woot woot!!! I can't wait to watch Vampire Diaries full season! Elena and Stefan, Matt and Caroline.. Bonnie with Ben? Will Damon be with Katherine? I wanna knowww!!!!

Until next time.

the One and Only,


damned said...

When I hit your blog, I thought you were talking about some other song: "I can't fight this feeling anymore" by Reo Speedwagon. Youtube link below:

Do lemme know here if you like it. I hope you do...!!

It's a pretty old song, and for some reson, not many ppl like it now... but i love it... :)

M K said...

I just read this comment today. sorry for the late late late reply. yeap i do love that song. i'm 24 and i love 60/70/80/90's music. :)