Monday, July 7, 2008

Way to kill boredom

It's been only 2 weeks, and i'm so very very bored. Seriously... The only way i deal with it is watch movies all day. Seriously! I have this thing about watching movies over and over again and do not get bored with it. Well, certain movies and series though. Heroes, i can only watch twice, third time? Bores me already. Gossip Girl, still under consideration. But the movie that i actually still love to watch and i memorize the script is The Parent Trap, the one with Lindsay Lohan in it, well, that time she was still innocent.

And there's my obsession on disney movies. I am such a little girl. I'm turning 20 for god sake, and i'm still 15 inside. My all time favourite would be, the one and only, Cinderella!

Classic! And of course, there are other disney princesses movies that i like...

Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Aurora, Sleeping beauty
I love this movie. The songs.. LOVE IT! heh...

Snow White and the seven dwarfs!

Series or dramas that i watch often or constantly are Gossip Girl and How i met your mother! Gossip girl, me, abby, van and dira, we were crazy about the series. I think even Sarah Jane is too. We always made sure one of us downloaded the upcoming episode and not be left behind. Funny how we could be so into it.

Cast of Gossip Girl

Serena Van der Woodsen. Everyone's favourite IT girl, and she's my favourite too. Blake Lively played her part perfectly!

Blair Waldorf. The Queen B! Everyone is a subject in the movie of her life. Bitchy miss Leighton Meester. Perfect! Right B?

Nathanial Archibald. Can't seem to figure out who he loves most and always in the middle of a family drama. Poor Chace Crawford. Even his personal off-screen life is always rocky.

Charles Bass. You're Chuck Bass? Nice scarf, sex is not the only sport you know! Hottie Ed Westwick.

Other cast members like Dan Humphrey played by Penn Badgley, Jenny Humphrey played by Taylor Momsen and Vanessa Abrams played by Jessica Szohr, The series would not be complete without them. I love GOSSIP GIRL! voiced by Kristen Bell. DRAMA!!!

Away from drama, to the comedy side, How I Met Your Mother! Love it! Narrated by Ted Mosby, played by Josh Randor. It's sometimes stupid but still funny as hell!

I didn't get the chance to watch it before during semester period, so i watched the whole season during this holiday. Love season 2. You should watch it. Can't wait to get season 3 from Hoe or Dinesh.

Barney Stinson played by Neil Patrick Harris. Lily Aldrin played by Alyson Hannigan. Marshall Eriksen played by Jason Segel. Robin Scherbatsky played by Cobbie Smulders.

Enough said about all this.


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