Friday, October 14, 2011


The 3rd Curtin International 7's Rugby Tournament 2011 was a huge success. Everything went smoothly without any major trouble or blunders. There are the little things that we overlooked and it costs us quite a lot too. So here i would like to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude to all our Sponsors

Miri Housing

Yayasan Sarawak

Kementerian Pembangunan Social dan Urbanisasi, Sarawak

Miri City Council

Yb Datuk Lee Kim Shin

and not to forget, without them, we would never have gotten the opportunity to work alongside Sarawak Rugby Union and referees from the Malaysia Rugby Union. A huge thank you to

Miri Division Rugby Union

For all their help and support throughout the past five months. Planning was, well.. to be honest, hell. We couldn't get any sponsors at the beginning and for the last two months before the tournament, my committee members and I busted our ass off, calling people, meeting people, trying to make sure the tournament does not cancel. But thankfully, everything worked out. We even had Professor Ian Kerr, our Pro-Vice Chancellor to help out in the event. This was honestly the best event i have ever worked in. Thank you to everyone whom has made this tournament something to talk about. I honestly and sincerely am grateful to you.

Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Ian Kerr, giving a Welcoming Speech before the official opening ceremony of the Tournament.  
The VIPs are given a rugby ball each to officiate the Tournament

Professor Ian Kerr performing a drop kick

Tuan Resident, Antonio Kathi Galis, performing his drop kick. He is also the President of Miri Division Rugby Union

Professor Ian Kerr and Tuan Resident watching the first match with the Mayor of Miri City, Mr Lawrence Lai

The opening ceremony was awesome. My idea of an opening ceremony was chosen (well, technically no one else pitched their ideas so they just went along with mine) whereby every team sent two representatives on to the field and formed a receiving line. Firstly the PVC performed a drop kick, followed by the President of MDRU and then the Mayor performed his. It was all and all a great start for the tournament. Then the sad part came, CROCS lost the first match. LOL

The teams that came to participate

CROCS First Game

The next day was the quarter finals, semi's and then finals for all division. Cup, Plate, Bowl and Spoon. Yes, you read right, SPOON. If we had more than 12 team that day, we might have had Fork as well. Even with so many divisions, Curtin still did not manage to win any of it. -_-"

Bintulu Rugby Club won Spoon

Bandar Knights brought back the Bowl

SHAOW Old Boys got Silver for Plate Division

SHAOW Warriors brought back the Plate

Kuala Belait Pythons got the 1st Runner up for CUP Division, Silver medals and RM650 prize money 

LABUAN RUGBY CLUB won the tournament, holding the CUP, bringing back Gold Medals
and RM1200 Prize Money

These are the awesome referees i got to work with. Mr Jim Lee and Mr Mawi is not present in this picture though

At the end of the day, the officials took a picture with the Tournament winner
It is indeed a great year for Curtin Rugby Club! Hopefully it will be like this again for the coming years!


Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Coming

The highly anticipated 3rd Curtin International 7's Rugby Tournament is on the way. Come and support your local rugby club people! See you on Saturday, 8th October 2011!

Support CROCS, COLTS and MDRU! *hot rugger alert!*

Previous Curtin 7's was done in year 2009. Now it's our time. Hip hip hey! Wish us luck! And be there to support! :D


Saturday, September 24, 2011

RWC 2011 v1.0

I know there will be more Rugby World Cup posts coming up so lets just name it that. I went to Mings Cafe with the ruggers to watch New Zealand versus France. It was exciting and half the time i was so distracted by Sonny Bill Williams being on the pitch *omgomgomgomgomg melts*. I enjoyed the game and as predicted the All Black won! Andy had a hard time being there with us as he was amongst the few (meaning only 2) who were supporting the French team.

It was HIGH-larious how Andy got boo-ed. 

Two lovely ladies!

All Blacks fans having a very serious discussion!

The other French supporter being so jolly! (during half-time)

The other French Supporter sitting in the midst of All Blacks Supporter. 

Son and me. Weeeee~~~~

Hilary and I. A new friend i made while watching the match. Kiwi fan from New Zealand. 

All Blacks!

All Blacks Ladies with two very very keppo boys!

On the other hand, here's a yummy-yummy-screw picture! Just for drools! *melts*

Sonny Bill Williams

How can you not melt because of that. Look at those perfect abs! *drools*

Anyways, anticipate more updates from me! Very excited now that i'm blogging again! Yeay me!



Happy Anniversary

Happy 4th Anniversary to Me and Idzuan! :D

Thanks for the flowers love! :D

Thanks to Nadea, Emily and Ali for making this anniversary very much memorable!

<3 <3 <3


I have this thing you know, when a weird word comes in my head and i suddenly am intrigued of its meaning. So today, my word of the day would be Transcendent.

Past few weeks has been so hectic. I mean come on, how hectic can a students' life be right? But for some reason i felt as if i had none of ME time. Every waking minute was devoted for some other important things. Like studies, assignments, a butt load of Rugby and spending time with friends. It's been a while since i had a full ME time.

I am pretty excited about the Curtin International 7's Rugby Tournament that will be held on the 8th and 9th of October 2011. Proud of the CROCS for training hard and thankful to MDRU for helping out and training the ruggers. It so happens that on the day the tournament commences, the quarter finals of the RWC 2011 will be on. Gahhhhhhh.. Priorities! It's been challenging being the first woman President for the Curtin Rugby Club. Hopefully the club will live on and advance to the future! Weeee~~~~~

Moving on, i honestly think that everyone, once in a while, needs a psychiatric evaluation done on them. Don't know why, but it's just a thought. You know how some people are diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, what if some people has it and people around them got annoyed because they didn't know about it? Pity them right? Thus that actually concludes my point of view of understanding people around you.

I got to go! RWC 2011 starts at 1430 Malaysia time. Until whenever i have free time again.


Ages much?

I know i have not much readers but still, whoever who still reads my blog, i deeply apologize for being AWOL for such a long time (i think). So i have been busy with school work and curricular activities that made my limitless time pact and unavailable for blogging, but mostly is because i am too lazy to blog.

Last night a few juniors came to my house and we talked about blogs. It has come to my attention that i have absolutely completely no idea why i start blogging in the first place. Probably it was peer pressure, friends i had back in those days are active bloggers and i just want to have one at that particular time i suppose. But now, today, i will rehash the purpose of me having a blog in the first place.

1. To update on my current affairs
2. Voice out my ideas on conventional ways of understanding issues
3. Admitting my rights and wrong towards whatever situations and incidents that occurs
4. Help anyone who asks for my help in learning English (not that i am sooooooooooo excellent at it, but i'll try to help as much) or Sarawak dialect!

And all these i will fulfill with highest attempt not to hurt anyone's feelings. If i ever do, please know that i am just like any other human being, prone to mistakes. Please do forgive me if i ever did.

Alright, now that my purpose have been comprehensible, i shall commence my duty as a blogger anytime soon. Please do hope that i have the time and mood to blog.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's been a whole year

Like the title says, it's been a whole year since i last updated my blog. Maybe because i was so lazy to post up anything before, and mind you, i actually did thought of deleting this blog. It felt useless for me to have one that i don't update much. But i know i'll miss it badly. It's somehow my only memory of my past. I had a new laptop this year, that means i left one piece of my memory behind, i had a new phone and that makes two already. I lost my hard disk that Ezu got me two years back, and i left all the hardcore fun things in life behind to move forward.

I was never a fan of chemical substance, and everyone who knew me well, should know that when it comes to that part, i'm clean. Never have, never will, god's willing. I have finally changed for the better. Well, even Rome wasn't built in a day true? Baby steps mon chéri, baby steps. It's such a huge lie to say that i don't miss my past life, not that i died or anything, but yes, i do miss the old way of life i use to have. I miss the dressing ups, i miss the craziness, i miss the hangovers, i miss the place selections, i miss the booze, i miss the games, yes, i miss everything about it. If you ask me now, i never regret going through that phase in life, i never will. It has taught me so much. It made me into who i am today.

You know when people say sometimes the days you're gonna go thru imitates the ones you have seen on TV, well, what if it's the other way around? That would be cool don't you think? What if what's happening in your life now is not all candies and rainbows? That would suck. Sometimes i wish i was far far away where no one knows me and would never harm me. Sometimes i wish that you would've came sooner. Sometimes i wish that you were him instead. But i know one thing is for sure, most of the time, i'm thankful that i always have someone to rely on. Through thick and thin, joyrides and accidents, i know i can always count on you.

Have you ever wondered how is it to love someone unconditionally? Guess what, lemme tell you something, THAT'S BULLSHIT! There will always, always be something that you would want in return. I know what i want, i want you to understand me without me even saying a word. I want you to be able to look at me and know what i want, what i need. I just wanna be over and done with this year. I want to move forward, i want to be yours for real. Not just like this. I WANT TO BE YOURS! 8-)

Hopefully this is not my last post of the century (exaggerating a little there)..

Until next time,