Friday, March 30, 2012

Midnight in Lakeside

(Title from the 2011 movie Midnight in Paris)

I figured if i post multiple statuses on Facebook, people would just simply get annoyed with me. And on Twitter too. Readers would be thinking like "What the hell is wrong with this girl? Weird no?" I think it's due to having so much workload, i suddenly feel very restless even when i am suppose to be sleeping. Thus the post on this long abandoned blog.

As i always do, i update about my surrounding. I would like and love to highlight the fact that i do not hold any grudges to anyone but i am not at that stage where i would go around making amends to everyone who hates me. That's just plain weird. I know it's a good thing being the bigger person to actually say sorry even when you have done nothing wrong (in your opinion, doesn't mean that you are perfectly right) but i think i'll just let everything flow as it is and insya'Allah one day if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

I am way way WAY past the whole drama thing, grudges and all that. I think i'm too old for high school shenanigans. It's best to stay far from the action and not even be at the sideline to keep yourself updated to what the hell is going on. Guess what, i think to highlight and prioritize our own life is way better than trying to fix someone else's. God knows how many people out there tried to fix me but in the end it showed that i will change when i want to change. So i guess i would just go with the flow.

I get very emotional and easily influenced by what i see and hear. I am not sure as to if it is a good thing or a bad thing. I have so much on my mind. Like literally. When i write all the things down, it didn't seem that much but i guess the capacity of my brain cannot withstand the amount of thoughts i have. Take note people, writing down what is on your mind and posting it on the wall, helps you remember and takes some of the load off your shoulder.

To those out there, who are working and studying at the same time, i salute you! I am still trying to do so. Trying to divide my time well. Sometimes when there is so much to be done, i loose track on some of the things that i was suppose to know about. Studying, working and taking care of your family, ain't an easy job. So people who thinks that mothers do nothing just because you see them lying around the house at times, think again. I think half of my energy got drained and i only have a fiancé to take care of. Ya Allah SWT please ease my future a little. I don't believe in parading your wishes and prayers to God in public because as i once said to my friend, God does not have Facebook or Twitter. Simpan ngan dikmpun sudehhhhh.

If this post was an essay, i swear, the person marking this will be like, "What the hell is this girl trying to say? Issues are all scattered everywhere!" LOL I know. I just have a lot on my mind that i wanna let out.

This coming 3rd of April, Ezu and i will be celebrating our 2 years Engagement Anniversary. Another 2 years to go and then it's sealed Insya'Allah. That song Ours by Taylor Swift is the song of my life now. I do not personally adore her but i like her songs. Meaningful as it is. Dear sweetheart and i bought each other a gift for the anniversary. :)

I wish everyone all the happiness in the world. Take care and good night.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Short announcement

Yo readers. If you notice any changes on my "About Me" section, just ignore it. Need to change it for assignment purposes. Once i hand in "Le assignment" I'll change it back to what it used to be okay? I shall be updating both blogs from time to time.