Thursday, August 21, 2008

Victory? NOT!!

And again, another saddening news. We lost our futsal match today. Against Tim's team. Karma huh? We beat them last semester and this semester we got beaten. How great. Abby was so bumped out obviously, she went missing after the match and i know somehow the blame was on me. I was their goalie. I really disappoint everyone this time. They hoped so much that we draw or win this time but yeah. The worst thing happen. At first it was about having fun but then yeah, we all got into the game so much that we cared about winning or losing. I wanted to win too. Really! but fate was just not on our side. Oh well, i'm just so bumped out.



I've been missing in action for a few weeks now. Everything seem to go wrong. Seriously. I have no idea why. Probably people change. People blend in with the environment. As for me and Ezu, we're doing good. We're still together. Going through hard times and fun times together. He's my foundation to be strong and i thank god that he loves me so much to even let me out of his sight for more than 4 hours.

My sister went to say goodbye to me just now and it breaks my heart to see her leave in tears. I can't take it. She's my source of strength. We use to have fun together. Be strong and weak together. Cry and laugh together. Can you imagine two armatures cooking in the kitchen? That's us. We had each others back to matter what. I love her so much. What use to be was that i'm the cry baby, i was always the weak one. But now everything has to change. She's not as strong, and i had to be strong for her. I really wanted to cry just now but i didn't. cuz i wanna show her i'm strong. But i can't. I really can't. I miss her already. I don't know why he did this to her. Can't he tell that she loves him so much? It's okay sis, i'm here for you. For all time. You know that when you need me i'll be there. True? I can't believe seeing her dragging her suitcase out of the room. I never thought it would happen. The plan was that we both leave the room together. But now everything changed.

I guess there's no happily ever after for us. For them. Probably she deserves better. I'll be happy when she is. I love you sis. Forever and always.


Thursday, August 7, 2008


It's been a while since i updated but i've just been too busy to actually do so. Class started about a week ago and i'm still pretty much busy starting to study. Yeap. That's right, Starting. hahahaha... Anyway i'll write in more when i have the time. A lot of pictures to share! =)