Sunday, February 22, 2009

Can't read mind, can't read mind, no you can't read a mind, poker face?

I tried to blog for the past few days, i tend to not finish it, hopefully this time at least i can post one up. I had a lot happening the past week. Having my sister inMiri, Baby Love and the others back in Miri, Taking a whole bunch of pictures. I hung out a lot with Sedut and Syabil before, so i wanted repay them by asking them out to dinner, instead of them bringing me out, i took them out with my car. So yea..Dinesh is back and i'm always happy.

My sister came to Miri last Weds, and i brought her bowling with Van, Baby Love and Dinesh. It was a kick start for her. It didn't take her long to be close to Van and i was kinda surprised but i'm relieved too. At least she can escape all the volcano blast drama in Kuching. She stayed with me and Van at the apartment. For the next few days, I brought her to meet up with Dinesh again, Bel, Joe, Gala, Sedut, Pian, Abg Mat and Kak Anna, but she didn't have the chance to meet abby. Oh well, maybe next time. We went to muara for lalapan, went to CTR for lunch, went to a whole bunch of places. We took a lot of pictures.

We were planning to go to the beach on Saturday morning, suddenly my dad called that night telling me about a very bad incident back home. Mygrandma was hospitalized. Thought that was it. I prayed so hard for her to be okay and suddenly that night also, she left us. I was devastated, lucky the boys understood and accompanied me the whole night.Dinesh, Sedut, Pian, Baby Love, Van and Adek . Thanks for all the support. Ola was figuratively with me that night. She was only a phone call away if i needed her. I got a emergency flight ticket back home the next morning and was there for the funeral. I wish Ola was there, Hanum and my sisters, wish there were with me that time. I got through it with a brave heart.

Started class yesterday and the classrooms are confusing. EVERY NEW SEMESTER I TEND TO GO IN THE WRONG CLASSROOM!!! And for sure i'll bum into Jenny! wtf? All the time. hahaha.. Oh well, the class was canceled on Monday. Long way to go. =)

I have pictures of everything and will post it up soon. The internet is not stable right now. -_o...
Update soon!

Cherrio, XOXO

Friday, February 13, 2009

13 - 15 February 2009

I've been off blogger for quite some time. Now, exams are over, and i finally moved to my new place. And OMG! it's big! Bigger than the old place and sort of like Curtin Village but better, WAY WAY BETTER! It has better furniture, bigger space, and Karibi was literally nagging about not having a new block for boys. Hopefully they will build another block for boys. I love my living room. The sofa is very comfortable and it's all new! The TV is better than the old place, the shower is better, well, basically everything is BETTER! Loving my new room!

My living room!!!

The kitchen and dining area!

Karibi and Gala who came over to eat cheese cake.

Mostly Safiq, Aju, Sedut and Hafis helped me to move my stuff and i love them for that! Thanks a lot guys. They were bringing stuff up to my new place and it was so full. took me 2 days to rearrange everything back.

All the memories in the old room will always be cherished. I love those people who were in my life before even if they hate me now or diss me as their friend. That's their problem. All i know is that my memories are what will be in my heart. All those long night talks and giggling, those sleepovers, those outing of 4. The red car. Oh well, that's my past.

My future awaits with more of Van, more of Abby and more of Ola in my life! More of those crazy boys that i love so much. They MAY turn me into who i am but i love who i am. My friends, who knows me well, will understand me and won't judge me. We take care of each other, LITERALLY! I love sedut! Cuz he takes such a good care of me. Not to forget Syabil. My 2 brothers! This is the time that i make new friends as well!

14th - I was waiting for Wan to come back and was bugging Chris and Karibi at the rugby field. (and ejam was there) They arrived a few hours late than expected. And Wan said he will be arriving in 20 minutes, but he asked me to go out. SEE SEE, he was already down there. WTF!!! Surprised man! Seriously. Love that about him! Dinesh was there and so was Van, with a plastic full of kebabs! YEAY! We had kebabs for dinner and then we went out to Soho for supper. THE THING WAS THAT, we went to Pizza Hut andd they were almost closing, Siamese had a stupid only couple menu, so in the end, we ate at Soho.

15th - DINESH's birthday. We got drinks for him and yea, he was pretty wasted. Man U match was on last night too. Went out with a bunch of guys and Baby Love.

(pictures will be posted up soon of those few days.)

That's about it for now!

Cherrio, XOXO

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to you, You were born in the zoo..

It's the twentieth birthday of Mr Jega's son and he is out drinking with Daniel. I called to wish him just now and i told him his birthday present will come as soon as he arrives in Miri. He's one of the guys i like hanging around with and will always make me laugh when i'm down. Him and Hoe, 2 weird but perfect combination. So this post will be a tribute to Dogg.. pictures of him from the first time i knew Dinesh Jegarajan.

#1 Dinesh Jega

#2 In thai bar - Feeds, DJ, Van and IDKwho.

#3 I stumbled over this picture. OMG! When the EFF was this?

#4 Feeds and Jegs at Park City "MIJF 2008"

#5 Midnight at starbucks madness

#6 Midnight at starbucks madness 2

#7 Midnight at starbucks madness 3

#8 Farewell last year st SoHo

#9 Dinesh with his Ex-Housemates

#10 Dinesh in his old room

I still have a lot more but i'm just lazy to upload all of them. I've known Dinesh since the second semester i was here. (2007) and he'll be around in more years to come i hope. Anyway, Happy Birthday dude.

Cherrio, XOXO

Thursday, February 5, 2009

yabedidoo yabedidayyy.. you make me so hot, make me wanna drop.

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I finally got my shoes from Ola! I am so bloody happy right now! OMG!! OMG!! I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of my shoes. I was so excited that i walked in the rain to the AL building just to go get the parcel! And as told, the parcel was indeed wrapped in yellow. You know how parcels are dull colours and mine stand out from the others, and i was like, "that's mine miss" (pointing to the yellow wrapped parcel) and she laughed. The front desk women was asking me how i knew and i just smiled. Hahahaha.. Lucky it was not wrapped in striking red. =P Still, Thanks dear! You're the best.

Address of sender on one side.

Address of receipients on another side.

She packed it 3 layers. wtf?? hahaha.. To prevent it from getting wet i guess.

Charles & Keith. *winks* ;)

My cute dark red / Maroon shoes! Love it!

Looks so right to be on my feet. hahaha.. Love the shoes!

And credits to the person who went shopping with me and advice me on the wedges, also lots of gratitude for sending it over! Love.

Anyway, last night i went out to eat with Sedut, Syabil and Hafis at CTR. Right after we went over to Abg Mat's to eat dessert. I brought over my aunt's famous cheese peach pie and we ate like half. Half of it i saved for Baby Love, Gala, Van and Dinesh. I don't think it'll last until school starts so maybe i'll bring back more for others, maybe middle of sem.

Mukhri sitting on Hafis, eating the cheese pie. Yummy!!!

That's all for now. Until next time. (I'm gonna be off blogger for a couple of days, exam's soon.)

Cherrio, XOXO

All the boys and all the girls are begging to if you seek amy

Oh baby baby have you seen amy tonight? Is she in my bathroom, is she smoking up outside?

Hahahaha.. It's the song i first heard when i woke up which was at 12 noon? Seriously right! I'm still pretty swamp as well. Still feel like sleeping but i'm glad i didn't. Or else i would've missed the phone call from Curtin front desk. Yeay, my shoes finally arrived! I'm so happy. Thanks girl for doing me the favor! Miss miss you. Anyway, the room that i'm moving to next week was replaced on seccond floor instead of the third. THANK GOODNESS! I'll be sharing the house with Vanessa and Abby. I received a phone call this morning about a friend in Kuching. Oh what to do, that's just karma. I can't do much. All i did was listen and not get involve. I have much bigger things to think and worry about, i.e.: ACC (Financial) 250 exam next week. OMG! I miss eating scallop. Like fresh scallop. hahahaha.. I wish i was back home when it comes to food.

I was reading online about letters and it just came to my mind to check out love letters written by famous people. I found one by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Oh, God! look out into the beauties of nature and comfort yourself with that which must be -- love demands everything and that very justly -- that it is with me so far as you are concerned, and you with me. If we were wholly united you would feel the pain of it as little as I!

The words are very simple but it keeps on hold a very, very deep meaning that you can only translate to your understanding and it might not be what he was referring to. Medieval days, the language used was so meaningful and difficult to understand yet people nowadays have come to love and adore. What if we were to talk in that manner? People will say that we are crazy.

My soul aches with sorrow, and there can be no rest for you lover; but is there still more in store for me when, yielding to the profound feelings which overwhelm me, I draw from your lips, from your heart a love which consumes me with fire? Ah! it was last night that I fully realized how false an image of you your portrait gives! You are leaving at noon; I shall see you in three hours. Until then, mio dolce amor, a thousand kisses; but give me none in return, for they set my blood on fire

A letter written by the once feared ruler Napolean Bonaparte to Queen Josephine. As evil as he is, he had a heart to be in love with a woman. Nowadays we have many heartless men or in other words, womanizers.

From one thing to another. I had no idea what this post was about. Definitely not about love letters in the first place. Countdown to the 14th, 9 days to go. Excited much? Yeay..

Love me, hate me but can't you see what i see?
All the boys and the all girls are begging to if you seek amy
Oh say what you want about amy, oh can't you see what i see?
Oh say what you want about amy, all the boys and all the girls are begging to if you seek amy
Love me, hate me but can't you see what i see?
All the boys and the all girls are begging to if you seek amy

Cherrio, XOXO

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just tryna find my way back home.. the old me is dead and gone, dead and gone

I just finish one month of cramped up classes and to my disbelief, i only missed one class cuz i was sick. YEEEEHAAA!!! Accomplishment and congrats to myself. Hehehe.. Even the lecturer said congrats for always attending her class cuz before, she hardly see me in her class. Heh.. =P Oh please, like everyone never miss even one class before. Right now i just need to study for my exams next week. CRAP! I haven't even start studying for my Marketing unit. Lots of work to do!

In class, Malar was always reminding us to complete the evaluate section in Oasis, and i finally did mine after 2 weeks she kept bugging us. She's the best lecturer i've ever had my entire life. (that's only like 2 years of degree?) This time i get to communicate with my classmates, which i hardly done for the past few year, i normally only talk to people i know. It's better to make new friends. There's this girl in my class, i like her tops and her bag. Hahaha.. i still have time to observe around.

Last night i just found out about Lady Gaga's Poker Face video. I've been listening to the song quite some time and only now i know there's a video. hahahaha.. And Britney's Circus. I have been away from MTV too much. I miss watching E! channel and there's Grammy's next week on the 9th morning (Live via satelite telecast on StarWorld, Astro channel 711. Red Carpet on E! 712, times do check it yourself). Oscar's will be on the 23rd morning, same channel. For more informations visit E! Online I wish i was home back then but class starts on the 23rd, and i have exams next week. So yea.. =)

I downloaded this song last week and came to fall in love with it, Dead and Gone by T.I. featuring J.T.. Been asking friends to listen to it too. =)

I turn my head to the East
I don't see nobody by my side
I turn my head to the West
Still nobody in sight
So I turn my head to the North
Swallow that pill that they call pride
That old me is dead and gone
But that new me will be alright

I've been travellin' on this road too long
Just tryna find my way back home
The old me is dead and gone, dead and gone
And ohhhh
I've been travellin' on this road too long
Just tryna find my way back home
The old me is dead and gone, dead and gone, dead...

I can't wait for next week when i move to my new room and Baby Love, Dinesh and Van coming back on the 14th! Looking forward to it. And to lil missy in RED, have a great time in KL!

Cherrio, XOXO

Monday, February 2, 2009

Apple Orchard Banana Cat Dance 8663...

Touch down in Miri at 8 am only to find Syabil and Sedut was still in Senadin. WTF??? Hahaha... Need to cut them some slack 'cuz it's only 8 am man. I was waiting for 45 minutes for people to pick me up. So bored and nothing to do, but it's okay. We need to go through situations like that sometimes. For the past few days that i wasn't in Miri, Syabil and Sedut was like short in cash and wasn't eating proper cuz their allowance wasn't in. And this morning as i came back from Kuching, both of them checked the accounts and the money was already in! *haaaaaaaaa*(the angelic sound effect) I brought luck to them. Hahahaha... As if, common sense much? It's the beginning of the month for God's sake. Abby is still in Miri currently but i don't know until when. She's suppose to go back today also.. WAIT A MINUTE! She left campus already and i was suppose to see her before she leaves. Oh well, MISS MISS YOU ABBY.. (make sure you comment on this when u read it!)I brought back doughnuts and now i don't feel like having it.

I went out with an old friend when i was back in Kuching (my dear, you're not that old. don't worry. ahahahaha) and we planned to go out and buy a pair of shoes or heels from Charles and Keith but ended up not buying the heels and bought 3 pairs of tops. WTF??? but i still get my heels cuz she's buying them for me and sending it over via courier hopefully by tomorrow. Babe i love you and you're the best! I was never very close with her before this and now i realized i missed a lot and she's got super sense of fashion! HEY BLAIR WALDORF MUCH??? hahahaha.. Don't kill me. and we had so much to talk about. She even helped me buy Vday present for my baby love. We were amazed of how the flames turn to different colours. Pink and Green? Amazing. hahahhaha... Love shopping with you and you know that!

I missed a lot when i went back. I think? but i'm glad i went back. I start to miss home already. Anyway, about yesterday, I pick her up from her house then we went to eat at Kaya n Toast and we had soooooooooooo much to talk about. Updates much? And fill her in about anything she was left out. We had a few shocked moments and a few "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" moments as well.

OMG!!!!!Most of the times we were browsing through outfits, she was always attracted with RED and she was wearing one at the time. She's got issues with red! hahahaha... We went from one boutique to another, trying out the tops and dresses, taking pictures and when we went through the shoe shops, none of it intrests me cuz i had my heart on the heels at Charles and Keith. oh yea.. and one more, she's got some crazy obsessions on Goddess Gladiators. And again, i wish Abby was with us. :P

I need to go class. Will fill in more when i have more to say.

Cherrio, XOXO