Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh Greenwich i wish you were nearer

Since Thursday night that i went out with Sedut and Andy, my timezone got mixed up real bad again. Seriously bad! OMG i can't believe how my sleeping time got mixed up. Friday i slept at 8 in the morning and woke up at 2 in the afternoon. But Saturday i happen to get my usual 1 am sleep till 11 am in the morning. Just when it's going back to normal, it happen again last night. WTF!?!? I slept at 7 am this morning and now it's 3 pm and i just woke up! Oh how i wish i was at the right time zone so i can feel a little sanity in me! I wish i was at Europe once more. I know it's not like an annual trip or something but i still wish i was going to Europe every year. I miss being in Switzerland the most although it's not as alive as how London or Paris is, but Luzern is a place where you can actually relax and be happy without having drama all the way. It's such a country side and i miss it. The weather is super awesome, cold all the time. I know Ezuan would love that. heh...

Thank God my Perdisco is 40% done. Another 60% to go. Wish me luck!

Cherrio, XOXO

Thursday, January 22, 2009


People change a lot after a while. Physically and character-wise. It's amazing to see how people change, really. From being super obese to an hourglass figure, eccentric to maximum introvert or vice versa, friendly to most hated.. and a lot more.

No offense to anyone, this post is not to lash out to anyone of anything, it's a post about me and my sister. Don't take it the wrong way.

Anyway, i was showing my pictures to my friends, old pictures when i realize something, my sister was soooooo cute and cuddly before. She's like the best to hug and she giggles a lot and i love her till death do us part. Now that i'm way far from her, i miss her a lot. When i was back home, we were always on each other's throats. Like it or not she is still my sister and i'd give up my life for her. I wouldn't trade her for anything or anyone else in the world. So, here's the picture of my cute sister and me.

This was taken 3 years ago, before i was in Curtin. She's soooooo cute back then and still. I like seeing her run cuz she looks like a penguin when she does, in a cute way. And the weird thing was she loves watching cartoons with penguins in it. Heh..

So cute right? hehehehe.. And now, she doesn't look like this anymore, in a way it bummes me out 'cause i like those chubby cheeks of hers. After a few years, she grew up gracefully to be a girly girl. Sad, i wasn't there to witness it. I had to be in Curtin for studies, so yea.

This was taken early last year. She transformed! She lost weight, and became more beautiful. Now that she's in primary school, she learned how to make friends, share her things and help around the house. I'm so proud of her. I know someday she'll be successful and be a pretty young lady. By then my dad will have her to worry about instead of me.

My sister, niece and sister in law. They are the pretty ladies. Miss them so much and see the difference between my sister's picture 5 years ago and last year? Gosh i'm just blabbering and oh well... I'm bored, sue me. Now i have nothing more to add. Alright then,

Cherrio, XOXO

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


And oh, I AM SO PISSED AT MY FLOORMATES. Well not all. The thing is i dunno who! That idiot stole my Chocolate Milk in the fridge! WTF??? Goodness!!! Next time buy your own milk!!! Lucky they didn't steal my doughnuts, if they did, i'd go berserk to everyone! :P hehe..

Cherrio. XOXO


I know i know, i haven't been updating my blog for like a loooooooooooooong time. Been busy lately. Currently having Summer Course doing only one unit and it drives me nuts at some point.

I know i'm late to say this (more like 21 days late), but

WELCOME 2009!!!

Well, the unit i am doing doesn't include any mid-terms, thank god. The weird thing is, when studying in semesters, i get super lazy and stuff, but when it comes to 1 unit in 1 month, OMG i can't believe how hardworking i can be. Now that i'm clear on what i want in life, i choose to go for it full speed. All i want is to graduate as soon as possible, get my degrees in honor and yes! get a job with good salary, enough to support myself. Believe me i need to learn to do that. Live on limited cash. I'm trying, slowly. Baby steps mi cherie, baby steps.

Anyway, hopefully i'll get myself clean off my bad habits. I've been having fever for 3 days now and hopefully i'll recover properly starting next week. Perdisco needs to be done before 30th and i know i can do it. Just that i want to go back Kch for Chinese New Year but looks like i can't. Wan visited last week to settle his Villa application and also visit yours truly for awhile. Awwwww... isn't he sweet right? The night before he left we had dinner in SoHo with Agnes and Zaza, an early birthday present for Agnes. Before he left also, Gala, Ezuan and i went to the cinema watching Yes Man (poor baby had to watch the movie 3 times) and i bought 3 dvd's which only 2 is worth watching. Wild Child is pretty cool (as van and abby agrees, i love watching teen flicks) and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is very heart warming. Love it. Unfortunately Bedtime Stories is a total disappointment. Seriously? What kind of movie is that? Dumb much??? AND THE BEST OF ALL.. Gossip Girl keeps viewers intrigued and anticipates for the next episode. Never a let down that one. I pretty much talk about movies and drama's here huh?

2 weeks ago the campus lake overflowed due to the constant heavy rain and drainage system problem. We even had a massive blackout here in campus. Some idiots went stealing the high voltage electric cable. WTF??? And apparently there's landslide also in Miri? OMG! Nature's pissed off at us huh? And also, i just figured why on earth does Curtin not have a back up generator for the whole campus including hostel ground. I mean COME ON! We are the INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY can we at least get that for back up if no external power supplied! Goodness Gracious! UN-Believable! What's worst is that the weather is so bad, the pathway from lakeside to campus ground is under water. Holy Ballooney! One good part is that we have a new Cafe in lakeside grounds called Bamboo's Hut. Not bad really. The food is okay. =) So anyway..

My resolutions for the year 2009 is (more like To-Do list) :-

1. At least get a 6(credit) for all units taken. Upgrade my average to a 60.

2. Ignore all un-needed drama.

3. Spend according to my budget.

4. Stop certain activities. (*winks* u know what i mean)

5. Keep myself constantly hardworking on my studies.

6. Train myself to be a clean freak. (well, not too much or i'll be like Monk)

7. Keep my family together.

8. Try not to over use my phone bill.

9. Slow down on the shopping habit.

10. Meet Ezuan's parents.

Hope i can keep ALL that in mind! Till then,

Cherrio! XOXO