Sunday, July 1, 2012

My vow to my Romeo

Things have been quite overwhelming lately. Done with my second last semester and going through internship at a friendly place with great people around me, having my fiancĂ© leave me at this place again, only this time, he left because he wants to finish up his degree and move on with the next phase in his life. 

If anyone knows me well, they would know that i am blogging again either because i'm bored, or it just so happens that i have something on my mind to share with the world. I've been so drown with the idea of getting over with the bachelor degree already that i forgot how much this place has affected my life. I met a whole bunch of awesome friends that i will never ever leave and forget for the rest of my life. I found my true love. I finally indulge in something that i love doing, being around people, reading them, knowing them and dealing with them. 

I'm not a cryptic person, nor am i a heartless bitch. I'm still trying to find out who i am and what i will be. But everytime i look at my left hand, it reminds me that there is a man out there, missing me, wishing i was there with him. I sound so mushy and irritatingly in love. Trust me, i'm just trying to get this off my system. If sharing my love story with the world is a crime, then i apologize. 

Ezuan has been great, lovely, the best thing that's ever happen to me. He's my fairytale. We have been through a lot together. Ups and downs, highest point in my life now and lowest that i was ever in. I know i'm only 24, I have a lot more to go through in life. Ezu brings out the best in me. He seems to be so ignorant and heartless at first, i said that because he never once was jealous of the many guy friends i had, i once thought he did not have the slightest romantic bone in him. Seemed to be a realist and thought that saying "I love you" may seem enough. I guess KL really did change him. (Thank God it wasn't me who tried to change him) 

Distance works for us, it taught him that loving someone is not just by saying I love you, but also showing the gesture of loving the person. He turned to be a perfect gentleman, took care of me as if i'm some brittle hearted little girl that he could not afford to hurt even one scratch. I finally found someone who could love me as me, not trying to change anything about me. Ezu would take a bullet for me, set aside his own life just to please mine, sacrifice everything in his power just to put a smile on my face. I am so fortunate, so blessed to have someone so perfect to walk along the whirlwind of my life. 

I have read numerous love stories from books, magazines, where ever it may be, i just hope and wish that my love story lasts a lifetime.

So, sweetheart, i vow to be the best person i can be, to cherish every single moment of our time together, be your strength when you need it, be the light that shines on you, always be there for you, come hell or high water and hope that our love may last a lifetime, eternally. Forever and always.

Amira Saryati Binti Misnu

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Jean Younger said...

That's so sweet. Love is not something to be played with and I like the way you put it.