Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sometimes i feel like my heart will overflow.

Hello, I just got to let you know.
Cuz i'll wonder where you are and i'll wonder what you'll do.
Are you somewhere feeling lonely or is someone loving you.
Tell me how to win your heart for i haven't got a clue.
But let me start by saying i love you.

Is it me you're looking for?

I just finish watching Glee. SO LATE? I know right. I've been so caught up in my studies that series i bothered to download and keep myself up-to-date was only How I Met Your Mother, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. HIMYM was because, let's face it, it's just Awesome! I mean seriously, come on, tell me you haven't heard of the whole Barney Stinson and his theories. As for the other two, i just like fantasies, i like fictions. I like Vampires! Twilight Saga is not exactly what i have in mind. Then again, the books are awesome though.

Jessy St. James sings well. He's got one awesome voice. Not to forget Neil Patrick Harris too.

What did you ask? Studies? Yea, you read right. I typed studies there. Hehe... Yes! Damn it. I studied okay. I know i know, Mea + Studying = Lying / Shocker. But yea, swallow the truth! I actually studied this time. Hardly ever miss class without a reasonable excuse.


And yes, i changed my course to Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Mass Communication, PR Stream. If only i took this from the very beginning, I would actually graduate next semester. It's okay. Everything happens for a reason right?

So yea i answered issue no TWO already.

Until next time when i actually have more to say.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


When you watch a movie or listen to a song, it has this impact where it can influence your emotions for the moment. Lets say watching Gossip Girl. It makes me want to try to relate what happens in my daily life to what happens on screen. Can't deny that there is a side of me who wants my life to be like what's portrayed on the silver screen. Then again, no drama in reality happens that way. Well, that's what i think.

I watched the last episode of Gossip Girl season 3 last night. Only last night. I know it was out a long time ago. Due to busy schedule, i can't find the time to download. In the last episode Dan Humphrey and Blair were talking about signs in life. How the Empire State Building was to be the symbol of Chuck and Blair's relationship.

I had my own fair share of sign in relationship experience today. Not exactly relationship but perhaps friendship? I was suppose to meet up with one of my closest friends, but then, as expected, my friend bailed on me. Not that i was putting high hopes to see this friend, but it would be nice if a promise is kept. I'm tired of trying to make things happen. Right now I'll just wait for it to happen. If it doesn't, then that means it's not meant to be.

I was feeling very crestfallen (a new word i learn today. it means sad and disappointed. =P ). I don't think i deserve to be treated in such way. I was asking myself why i let my ancient feelings resurface. And just at the moment that i asked myself, a very very very familiar song played on Mix.FM. Guess what? Never Had A Dream Come True by S Club 7. Seriously? Can my mind be more obvious on playing tricks with my feelings? Goodness gracious me! Watching LBS just now, also made me reminisce about my past. The one thing that made me snap back to reality was when...

My fiancee called and said "Happy Anniversary baby!!!". Oh My God! I FORGOT ABOUT IT! This is the first time i actually forgot our monthsary. Then, i flew back to reality and thought of how awesome my fiancee is and to what extend he would jump the miles for me. There you go, 4 months ago, i address Ezu as my boyfriend or the Boyfriend, but now, he's no longer my boyfriend. He's my fiancee, my one true love. No matter how bad life drops on me, i know for a fact i will always have him. He's my savior, my knight in shining armor, my prince charming. No matter how my past drags me back, I know my future triumphs it all.

So here's some pieces on my number ONE puzzle. =)

So Ezu sayang,

Happy 33rd Monthsary Love

I love you so much Abg and i can't wait to spend my lifetime loving you.

I'm you Mea, i'm your Mira, your Kate and Katerina. I'm everything you want me to be.

See you when i see you, Love.


Rainy Holidays

Welcome again to my lovely readers, how ever much you may be, as you all know, when the holiday begins, that means I'm back. Miss me?

I know you totally do.

What did u miss, you ask?

Well a lot actually. Like for example, one, I'm engaged. Two, I am no longer a business student and currently enrolled under Bachelor of Arts, where i belong (Will tell you the details in time). Three, new people in town, new faces on the spotted list, new entourage. Four, old flames die hard and finally five, i am back here, right where I started.

So before, it seems like my life is so boring, like i have nothing to say, and just when i was getting comfortable, all the drama, scandals and everything i worked on not getting in to, have found its way to me, rising from the ashes. Shocker! I know, I'm lame. That may be it, but then again, sometimes i don't know who i am anymore. Care to tell me? Be my guest.

You know how people living in other parts of the world like the Northern or Southern hemisphere gets to say, summer holidays, spring break, winter holidays and the fall dance? From where i am, it's rainy holidays or freakin' hot breaks or haze holidays. And right now, it's option one of three.

Friends, family, foes, frienemies,

How's rainy holidays treating you?

I'd give up anything in this world to eliminate the last 2 out of four i mentioned above, but they just have to exist. I know i know, no one wants enemies. Apparently they're not trying hard enough to banish enemies and frienemies off their list. If people wanna be friends with you, it's an honor and it's an opportunity. If they chose the path less traveled, then who are you to deny them their freedom of rights, true?

I lost a friend this year. Not physically, God forbid, I would never want it that way. She was one that i valued in life and when i lost her, at first it was unbearable. How would you feel if you lost a friend who you took in when her world was falling apart, or a friend who you would trust your hearts out? A friend whom you learnt made mistakes and bad decisions but you still stuck with her? How exactly was i to forget to have such friend? It wasn't easy believe me, but hey, life moves on. I moved on. When people make big mistakes, stupid decisions, i was, most of the time, there for them and never chose sides, but when i was in their shoes, i don't get that same treatment i hoped for. Well guess what, you thought me this way. I can be the best friend in the world you can find, but i can also be the worst friend you could rely on. Just choose which you prefer.

Besides the whole "friends-walk-away-but-they-leave-footsteps-in-your-heart" episode of my OH-so-BORING life, i was stuck in a position where i was force to decide what kind of friend i should be. The best friend who only knows to look out for you in your best interest, or the supportive i'm always here for you if you need me, but if you don't i'm not there type of best friend. So which path have i chosen?

The truth is, i don't know. I try my very best to look out for my loved ones best interest, but it always, and trust me when i say this, ALWAYS backfires to me again. (Seriously, God, are you trying to punish me because i care too much about others? I need your answer 'cuz i'm desperately in need of a sign here.) I want to be the friend that you can have under all weather and conditions, but then again, i have my do's and don't's. I admit, i'm not exactly the center of attention in the social status right now, or ever, or not that i ever want to be, but i'm just done with the whole putting myself out there, testing the market and all. I'm done. Parties for me are like bitter medicine, i only eat it when i really really really have to, as if my life depends on it.

So, with regards to prior situation in discussion, some people just like it when i stay out of their businesses and laundries. I realize that when you're trying to offer help to people who don't think they need it, then you're just going to be making a fool out of yourself. I tried my best to protect the people i love, truth is, they don't want to be protected. I just don't want to go through the whole empire-crumbling-down-and-putting-the-pieces-back-together stage. I was trying to avoid it from happening. But i guess, rules of nature just have to be followed.

So there, I've told you bits and pieces of the number THREE, but not exactly everything yet. If you're so bored to your bones, not knowing what to do to fill in your free time, keep yourself updated. There's bound to be more coming from me. Those are not even remotely close to the things i wanna tell you about. Keep yourself posted aight?