Monday, November 30, 2009


It's not the person in the picture who's important, But it's what the picture potrays. Read the picture.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I melted!

Makes me think about who my Jacob is!

I would love to have this family!

She's so bitter!

And I melted!

My Edward? My Jacob. I love you both! =)

Cherrio, XOXO

2 years, 2 months and counting...

Thanks baby.. For the flowers and for the cake, and also for the surprise advanced birthday bash on our monthsary! It makes me miss you more each day. I know my posts are gonna be emotional but hey, it's my blog! I still remember the old Ezuan i knew wayyyyy back in 2006. He wasn't as bubbly as now. He was the type to control his feelings and act all macho in front of people. Its a result of his heartbreak, but hey, everyone has to go through that stage in life. And then there was the Me-Dira-Danny-Ezuan era. We we best friends. Always the 4 of us together and that's where me and Ezuan got damn close. Now? It's been 2 years and 2 months since we first decided to be together. There are speed bumps along the way but we made it through. We lost friends too and gained new ones. It's life. Everything happens for a reason. Qada' and Qadar. Everything is already written. I may not be in a position to be all religious and stuff, but i am trying. I'm trying to leave everything behind. I had my fucked up shares of a teenage life and i think it's about time to let it go. It's about time for me to deal with things like an adult. It's about time that i get back on the right path, prepare myself to be a perfect wife with God's blessings.

Yea, you read it right. If it all goes well, I'd be married in 5 years time. Fingers crossed? Thanks! Insya'allah it will happen as planned. I am sure that i am in love, in love with the right person, in love with Mr. Right.

Anyways, It's been a good start to be back in Kuching. Surprisingly i'm awake at 5am everyday since 2 days back. I hope it continues on. I hope i start work Next week. Now that i'm back i miss my friends. I miss those people who drops an impact to my life.

For instance, I miss Jay! I miss her so much. Normally i'd go out with her, lunch? dinner? supper? All of it. I miss shopping with her and watching movies! And where there's Jay, usually there's Ellyss too! I miss that lil kid!

I miss Sedut!!!!!! I miss Tompoq!!!!!! I miss Hillie!!!!! I miss my housemates Fyza and Abby! I miss everyone! But it's okay. When the time comes, we'll be back together with new adventures to explore!

Cherrio, XOXO

Monday, November 23, 2009


It's the best date ever! I love my friends and most of all, I LOVE the BOYFRIEND!!! Lemme just post up pictures cuz it worth a thousand words. (Plus, busy no time!)

Bad mood day!

SOMEONE missed his flight! I'm sad!

Look who's in town! After 4-5 years we didnt see each other. Surprisingly we get along superbly.

Peace offering... who knows how long that'll last!

And of course, the best friend celebrated my advance birthday party with me.

I had the most awesomest night ever in my life. Had all my friends there with me minus a few who couldn't make it. They threw me a surprise birthday party! AWESOME! I had a a bouquet of flowers from the Boyfriend. Baby i miss you so much! And i had a "PRESENT" from the boys. I love you so much!

To all my boys :

  1. Syamim Shukor
  2. Taufiq Nasir
  3. Lutfi Zayyani
  4. Hafis Izwan
  5. Aswad Mohd
  6. Chong Azrul
  8. Karibi Sopriala
  9. Abu Zhaar
  10. Ahmad Hafizi
  11. Syabil Pauzi
  12. Fuad Shaarani
  13. Hafeedzil Iqbal (Last but not least)
... and also to my girls :

  1. Rahilah Abdul Halim
  2. Jenny Jimmy
  3. Heather Ubong
  4. Rachel Kedung
I thank you guys so much!

I just hope that Nadea, Abby, Steve, Vanessa, Fidah, Fiza, Raula, Hanum, Syed, Efa, Hanie, Krel, Edah and of all people Idzuan to be there. But it's okay, you're always in my mind and in my heart. Somehow i wished i could spend end of sem parties with Mathew. Dude, i miss you loads!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Goodbye my friend, I know you're gone, you said you're gone but i can still feel you're here.

Dearest Matt,

I'm angry at you for leaving days before our exam. You promised that we would study together. And you bailed on me. For a nice guy like you, that's not a nice thing to do. I'm so mad at you for not taking good care of yourself. And for doing our assignments at the very last minute...

But i know you didn't want to leave just yet, but then He wants you to be with him, and it's already your time to go. I wished we would've studied earlier so that i could have the opportunity to hang out with you before you leave. I wished i wasn't back home in KCH that night. I wish i was here. I didnt even get to see you off. I miss you so dearly already. I miss the times i make fun of you when you came into my apartment. I miss the times i pretend i was angry at you just so you would argue with me. I miss the times when you suddenly pop up out of nowhere just to say hi to me. I miss the times we played monopoly and make Fyza angry. I miss the times we go partying together. I miss the times when you would just sit down and talk to me about anything. I miss the times when you give me advice which sometimes makes no sense.

I wish you were still here in front of me so that i can tell you how much we're all gonna miss you and how truly we love and appreciate you. I know for sure you're looking down on us and taking care of us from above. We really miss you Matt.

There will come a day
When you will be able, able to say
Never mind the pain, all the aggravation
You know there's a better way
For you and me to be

Look for the rainbow in every storm
Fly like an angel heaven sent to me

Goodbye my friend
I know you're gone, you said you're gone but I can still feel you here
It's not the end
You gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear
So glad we made it, time will never change it...

The times when we would play about
The way we used to scream and shout
We never dreamed you'd go your own sweet way..

You will surely be missed by all. May you rest in peace and whatever journey he has in-stored for you after this life, may it always be pleasant and our prayers are always with you.

In loving memory of Mathew Jose Katikkaran