Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're not the same, like we use to be..

Current Song : The Ice is Getting Thinner
(By Death Cab For Cutie)

Sometimes when i think about it, TV drama is just meant for TV ain't it? Whatever happens on Gossip Girl, stays on Gossip Girl. It doesn't happen to us? Does it? Well, the drama, maybe, but dude, they're filthy rich. Makes me sad.. =(

I run out of ideas on what to blog nowadays. Until next time..

the One and Only,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

2 years 4 months and counting!

Thinking about what the future has in stored for me. Missing the Boyfriend. And busy with work. The Sri-Lankan brother called me this afternoon. Goodness gracious i miss them both so much. I'll wait for the moment i'll be with them both again! =)

Happy 28th Monthsary my darling Love

I can't tell you how much i miss you. And thank god for technology, i found skype for Mac. Yeay... Skype-ing with the Boyfriend all the time now! YAY ME!

the One and Only,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

From the moment that i saw your face and felt the fire in your sweet embrace...

I know most people says that sparks fade in time. You're in love today, and tomorrow but not the day after. I feel like a little kid when it comes to feeling all giddy and up in the air. I think it's because God looked down to me and reminded me of the purpose of living, and how to live a peaceful life. Honestly, i've got everything i ever wanted. Everything. There's not even 1 wants or needs in my life that is not fulfilled. And i learned something that made my life a better place, forgiveness. Forgive and forget. And yes, i choose to forgive and forget everything in the past. The good memories i treasure, the bad ones, i learn from them. The most important thing is i forgive everyone who has ever wronged me in the past and move forward. Don't get me wrong, please. I'm not specifying and pointing fingers. I'm not saying out names. I'm not doing all that. It's not what you think. Seriously, i am just stating this as how i feel. I don't hate any of you. Hatred can only bring you this far. Forgiveness has no boundaries. Sky is the limit. I just wanna live in peace and serenity. This is the year i choose to start over. Open up a new chapter in my book of life.

Raula, Hillie, Nadea, Jay, Anum, Dya, Efa, Abby and Fiz..

The 9 of you mean so much to me. You have been there, touched my life, and influences it in so many levels. Thru thick and thin. Raula and Efa, you were there for me when i had to go through with my father's wedding. Hillie, Nadea, Abby, Fiz and Jay, need i say more about the 5 of you? We went through everything, ups and dows, lefts and rights($%^%##????), and still, here we are. It's bullshit to say that friends don't argue, they do, but they always have a way back to each other. Anum and Dya, you were there for me since Kolej. If i didn't say this enough, Thank you, i appreciate everything.

I always felt like happiness and happy endings are meant for fairy tales only. That it doesn't exist in real life. But i have learned that it is not something you wait to fall in place, it's something that you have to work for to earn it. If you have worked hard enough and practise all the good values that you were taught of, if you deserve it, that God will reward you with a fairytale ending.

I am in love, very in love. In love with everything. My friends, my life, my parents, my family, My one and only God, and to Him i shall thank for giving me the opportunity to know Idzuan Ismail.

the One and Only,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

And one day my little girl, will reach out her hand, She'll know i found The Right Man!

Current song : The Right Man by Christina Aguilera
(Something i got from Hillie's blog, and maybe i should start using this also, if you don't mind love.)

And i am now at the office. Boring. Missing the Boyfriend so much
(i think now i need to start to find a new nickname for him, considering he might not be my boyfriend for long, and soon i'll be engaged. the Fiancee will sound too tacky. I need a dictionary!). I'm feeling happy, joyful, blessed and content. Very calm and peaceful. It's a good feeling to feel for new years. First post of the year yo! Now i should think of a new ending for my blog posts as well. Cherrio, xoxo is soooooo last year. I'm glad that one of my favourite song influenced my friends. The Right Man by Christina Aguilera is a very nice song. Hillie likes it now. =D

I'm taking up her request on posting up my
Top 10 Sexiest Man On Earth list. =P

No. 10 : Kellan Lutz

No. 9 : Josh Duhamel

No. 8 : Paul Walker

No. 7 : Ryan Reynolds

No. 6 : Taylor Lautner

No. 5 : Ben Barnes

No. 4 : Chace Crawford

No. 3 : Justin Timberlake

No. 2 : Chris Evans

No. 1

And there you go, My list of my very own top 10 Sexiest Man On Earth. Some people will be like "urgh, duh` of course..." when seeing this i bet. *giggles* May the rest of the year be an awesome one! Good luck people!!!

the One and Only,